“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

New York environment

            The Big Apple takes the lead in trash living giving it a highest-in-the-nation score of 427.9 on Busy Bee's "dirtiness index". New York City heavily outpaced its West Coast rival, Los Angeles, which ranked second overall with a score of 317.8! It's the actions of businesses and industriesies that are making NYC so dirty. As well as people who don't care.

             As you can see on our crazy facts it shows counters of how much things are harming our planet. You might ask how is this harming our planet if you were to compare the world population and the cost of not acting on climate change it's a pretty huge gap. We are wasting all of our money on nonsense. Instead of helping the environment we are harming our own planet. We need to think about the next generation and how there gonna live life on this planet.

            Here's another fun fact, did you know more than 100 million pounds of garbage are generated by national park visitors each year. A second study found that the bulk of that waste is coming from outside the parks and that the lion's share of the garbage is food waste and plastic water bottles. Yes that is really gross your going into a park walking when your actually walking in a huge garbage can filled with trash which is disguting. Think about the generation pardon my language is screwed if we dont do something. Your looking into thee future right now you see your future son/daughter the sky is gray filled with smog and all the floors are filled with garbage if we don't fix our act and start cleaning our trash our mistakes.

             That's not even 1% of whats happening to our environment is in New York. So let us start working on at least one small initiative that might bring an impact to our environment. Even if everyone starts planting small numbers of plants at the open lots, parks, areas or even at their kitchen gardens then it can solve some of the big issues that we are facing.

Tips on Gardening

Eco-friendly Gardens: 7 ways you can help protect the environment with self-sustaining gardening habits

  • Conserve water.
  • Recycle plastic bottles and containers.
  • Choose the right plants.
  • Attract the right bugs
  • Create and use your own compost.
  • Companion planting.
  • Use natural fertilizers and herbicides.

Crazy Facts

The information shown below is the live count of all the categories.

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